The facade of the General Staff Building will tell the story of the Russian revolutions

The remarkable historical date of the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Revolution will become the principal theme of the multimedia show on the General Staff Building. The storyline consists of the main episodes of 1917. After the celebration of the New Year’s people face such challenges as hunger, protests, and February Revolution. The magnificent premier of Masquerade, directed by Vsevolod Meyerhold, at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, strikes on the Putilovsky Factory, renunciation of the Emperor Nicholas II, April Theses by Vladimir Lenin, the Storming of the Winter Palace… The chain of dramatic events shows the main characters of the Russian Revolution, and one of the leading part is played by Petrograd. The creators deliberately avoid any assessments of the events, giving the viewer the opportunity to interpret the plot. This spectacular light show will also make the audience think of eternal values such as love, freedom and compassion. St. Petersburg has changed significantly over 100 years, but the city still keeps the memories of these tragic events. Final episodes of the performance create a link between the revolutionary 1917 and the present day making the audience reflect on the lessons that could be drawn from the past.