Monumental General Staff Building completes the perfection of the Palace Square which is must-see city sight for tourists from all over the world. This masterpiece of Russian classicism was built by Carlo Rossi in 1820–1830 and designed to strengthen the status of capital’s imperial image. After that Carlo Rossi developed his style in architectural complexes of the Senate Square, the Ostrovsky Square, the Alexandrinsky Theater and adjacent street. Carlo Rossi’s architectural talent is a blessing for Petersburg. And citizens remember his buildings for generations.

The General Staff Building has been used for mapping installations several times. This grandiose architectural ensemble is extremely interesting projection surface for mapping artists. Its total area is more than 6700 square meters, it has more that 300 windows, 283 meters of decorative frieze, 20 engaged columns, 8 sculptures and famous Chariot of Victory. All the architectural elements are «participants» of mapping show. Harmonious use of building is a kind of creative challenge for artists. Viewer cannot see all the surface at the same time, so every part of performance should be a completed segment. In 2014 creative team Cosmo AV (France) proved that it is possible. Last time they created the show about 250 years of the Hermitage’s history. This year their task is more difficult because of the need to show important events of 1917 as delicately as possible. The culmination of 1917 is an assault on the Winter Palace which was happened right there on the Palace Square where Festival of Lights is taking place. So Cosmo AV’s task is more interesting.