Cosmo AV is a creative team making epic 3D-mapping shows and controlling whole creative process from the first sketches to the finishing touches.

This team consists of talented people which are highly qualified specialists creating great optical illusions. For almost 15 years Cosmo AV creates new forms of audiovisual projects and its’ scenography, organizes TV shows and open-airs using special engineering equipment to deal technical challenges.

Cosmo AV used for their projections many buildings which have not only complex architectural forms but centuries-old history. The team transformed facades of gothic chapels and minimalistic building, classic colonnades and complicated engineering constructions in a fancy manner.

Their secret to success is not new. They learned a lot from the Old Masters and classicists of fine arts, that is why they confidently look at the past, get inspired from modern trends, remember rich heritage of ancestors and use brand new multimedia technologies.

Cosmo AV is located in France but they are recognized by audience all over the world. Every year tens of thousands of viewers from Paris to Osaka, from the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates enjoy the incredible world of dynamic 3D-mapping performances. Company’s specialists made fascinating projection onto the Eiffel Tower for the 120th anniversary in front of 700 000 of views. Cosmo AV «rebuilt» Rouen Cathedral and Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. They also transformed classic building of Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and futuristic facade of Grand Front in Osaka.

Cosmo AV’s creative team took part in the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. They both worked as technical consulting company and were responsible for audiovisual show of the Olympics closing ceremony and the Paralympics opening ceremony. In Russia they are popular for their scenographic shows projected onto facades of Bolshoi Theater and Main Building of the Ministry of Defense as part of the festival «Circle of Light» 2013–2016. St. Petersburg audience watched creative laboratory’s mapping projects for the first time at «History Ball» on the 250th anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum and «Prostor mezh nebom i Nevoi» projected onto facade of Mariinsky Palace as part of the Festival of Lights 2016.