«This City Keeps Me Safe» project is a series of multimedia shows about Saint-Petersburg on the facade of the Winter Palace. During the last three hundred years the literature and the arts created the image of the city — diverse, capricious, changeable, but always beautiful. Pushkin’s Bronze Horseman, Gogol’s phantasmagoric Nevsky Prospekt, Dostoevsky’s yellow and stuffy Sennaya square, Akhmatova’s lightsome Summer Garden, — these are only few masterpieces that influenced the face of Saint-Petersburg… What kind of feelings and emotions the city arouses today, what melodies fill in its courtyards, bridges and shining spires abutting the low northern sky?

In the contest of the project «This city keeps me safe» the designers will demonstrate images and moods of Saint-Petersburg accompanied by famous songs, dedicated to the city. Five teams from different countries will compete in 3D-mapping and project their vision of Saint-Petersburg on the Winter Palace’s facade.