Visual Support

Visualsupport is one of the most experienced companies in Poland specializing in large scale 3D mapping technology performances.

Visualsupport creates the illusion of giving life to the object, making it dynamic and undergoing amazing and intriguing transformations by designing animation for the entire buildings or parts of the stage design. We are the innovative projection mapping art studio developing up to 10 outdoor projects a year including the mind-bending multimodal visual events such as «The Alchemy of Light» featuring not only 2D and 3D projection mappings on a massive scale but also the light and the live acts of more than 100 musicians, dancers and acrobats.

Visualsupport’s video mapping projections have been seen all over Poland. In 2017 we performed in Katowice, Łódź, Wrocław and also in Germany and Israel.

Visualsupport is also well known in Europe for providing the best professional multimedia equipment such as advanced projectors up to 40,000 lumens, projection screens and the hi-end LED walls.

In Saint Petersburg audience can enjoy fascinating show on the Winter Palace’s facade to the DDT’s song «Chto takoe osen»