No doubt, the Winter Palace is one of the most famous buildings in the world. Great luxurious architectural forms and decorative ba-reliefs are typical for Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli’s style. Baroque style was incredibly popular for russian emperors’ residences. Complicated but clear rhythm of facade’s verticals, plenty of cornices, mascarons, cartouches create unique combination of lights and shadows you never forget.
The Winter Palace was chosen as a projection surface for mapping artists’ competition as part of Festival of Lights 2017. The main theme of the contest is Petersburg and variety of images and interpretations, so Rastrelli’s masterpiece is the best choice.

It is a great honor for mapping artist to make a projection onto the Winter Palace’s facade. It is also a professional challenge. The building has a strong individual character, so using it as a screen is very difficult task. That is why festival participants are the most talented teams with completely different styles. The audience chooses the best one and there is no doubt it is going to be a tight race. On November 4–5 every viewer definitely finds nice impressions on the Palace Square.