November 2016

The second season of the Festival of Light in 2016 took place at the Saint Isaac’s Square and Senate Square. The world-famous architectural masterpieces in the heart of the city became the venue for amazing performances of light and color: the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Mariinsky Palace, the monument to Nicholas I, the monument to Peter the Great («The Bronze Horseman»), and the Senate and Synod building.
The project adopted the best European practices of light design and 3D-mapping technologies and turned the festival into a truly St. Petersburg brand with a recognizable style. During two evenings, with a help of the directors and artists, inspired by the work of geniuses of different eras, each viewer of the show rediscovered Petersburg and fell in love with the city again.

Projection mapping «Revived History» on the facade of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral was dedicated to the history that formed the image of St. Petersburg and the mindset of its residents. The audience saw the short stories about the creation of the greatest monument of Russia’s spiritual culture, which mission is truly unique.

The magical 3D-performance «The vastness between the sky and the Neva» on the facade of the Mariinsky Palace showed the history of St. Petersburg and Leningrad. The audience saw myths and real stories, which largely determined the fate of the country: the founding of St. Petersburg, the emergence of Russia as a maritime power, high society balls, the flood of 1824, revolutionary Aurora, the angel on the spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the sinister darkness of the Siege of Leningrad and the strong will to live, spring in the Summer Garden, the rain, the open windows of the communal apartment, the well-yards, the wind of change and the leaves under your feet…

In addition to the spectacular video, the authors of mapping on the facade of the Mariinsky Palace paid special attention to the music, which consisted of fragments of classical works of different epochs and styles: Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Schnittke, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert. Poems by Pushkin, Mayakovsky, Akhmatova, Gumilev, Mandelstam, performed by the People’s Artist of Russia Nikolay Burov and the actress Anna Geller tied the music and the narrative into a single masterpiece about the magic of St. Petersburg.
The mix of music, poetry, acting talent and skills of mapping artists created a truly unique atmosphere of the festival that gathered over 400 000 viewers.