The audience will choose the best multimedia show dedicated to St. Petersburg

During the «Festival of Lights» on November 4 and 5 five teams from Russia, Italy, Poland, France and Spain will compete for the best projection mapping show chosen through online public voting. The participants of this contest are experienced projection artists that worked on the different architectural object across the world and became winners of various video mapping competitions. At the Palace Square the teams will face an unusual challenge. Each team has to create a projection 3D mapping performance based on a particular song about St. Petersburg. Usually artists choose songs for their installations themselves, but for the «Festival of Lights» at the Palace Square they will have to «feel» the music and create original 3D mapping performance inspired by the song given to them. This way the audience will see five completely different video projections, showing the city from different perspectives.

All guests of the festival at the Palace Square on November 4 and 5, and also all internet users will be able to vote for their favorite team online at Follow the news on the festival site!